A podcast for homeschool families brought to you by Sequoia Grove Charter Alliance. Encouragement, tips & tricks, interviews with HSTs and curriculum help.

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A Glimpse Into a Homeschool Journey, Episode 2

Concluding the conversation with Carrie Carlson, reflecting on her family's homeschool journey. Carrie has many insights and tips along the way.

A Glimpse Into a Homeschool Journey, Episode 1

Carrie Carlson, Sequoia Grove TK-8 Program Administrator, shares insights and memories from her family's homeschool journey.

Science Fun with Amy Griffin

Intimidated by science? Do you always leave it for last and there's never time? Amy has great ideas for these problems and motivation for so much more!

The Magic of Music and Theater

Ronni Ernenputsch talks to us about the lifelong benefits that come from experiencing performing arts.

The Stories that Make Art History

Beth Oakes, creator and storyteller from HiGasfy, joins me to talk about learning about art through compelling stories.

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