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Ready for Real Life, with HRMom

Every parent wonders, "Have I prepared my kids to survive in the real world? Did I teach them enough?" Melissa Griffin, also known as HRMom, teaches us how to prepare ...

Equipping Families for the Unthinkable

In thisĀ  episode, we confront the unsettling reality we face when we hear about yet another shooting incident on the news. The initial shock prompts us to turn off the...

Raising Siblings for Life

The blessing and the curse of homeschooling: Siblings! The challenges and opportunities that sibling relationships bring require a lot of energy and creativity from pa...

1000 Hours Outside, with Ginny Yurich

More than 7 hours a day...that's how much time an average American kid spends in front of a screen. What would happen if they spent even HALF that time outdoors, explo...

A Heart for High School

Is homeschooling for high school a good idea? Will your student miss out? Are you up for the challenge? Linda Qian, director of high school for Sequoia Grove, shares h...

Plan Your Year with Pam Barnhill

Pam Barnhill joins in to talk about how to get your year under control! No more giving up before you've begun. Her book Plan Your Year outlines how to think through wh...

Tour the Lending Library!

Unsure what the Lending Library has to offer? Have you given up trying to get logged in and reserve books? Join me as I interview the Head of Library Services, Chris H...

Season 4 Trailer

Season 4 drops August 16, 2023

Showcasing our Students

Amazing projects, clever creativity, big ideas...great things are happening with our Sequoia Grove students! Hear what it was like inside a Student Showcase in May 202...

Rebecca's Homeschool Journey

Four kids and two continents....this is Rebecca's homeschool journey. She shares the good and the regrets. Listen in for ideas, lessons learned, and encouragment in yo...

Building Emotionally Aware Kids--and Parents!

Do your kids have the words to describe how they're feeling? Emotional well-being is crucial for a good learning environment. In this episode, Mary Stein introduces us...

Digital Literacy and Internet Safety

Equipping our kids to be safe in the digital world, while still helping them to learn the necessary skills is a tricky job! Trisha Brandow joins me to talk about how t...

Getting the Most out of your Sequoia Grove Experience

It can be confusing to keep track of all that's going on with Sequoia Grove. Are you feeling confused by the opportunities available? Join Rebecca and Sara, two of our...

Finding Your Math Match, with Nicole the Math Lady

Many of us are intimidated by the idea of teaching math. A google search for "homeschool math curriculum" will turn up almost endless results. So we ask friends what t...

Can I Homeschool High School?

Is homeschooling high school a good idea? As a parent, we worry about all the things for our teens--the difficult subjects that need to be covered, social activities, ...

Thinking Tools, with Andrew Pudewa

I'm teaching my kids to write and speak well, but how do I equip them to have something worth saying? Andrew Pudewa, creator of IEW, joins me to answer the question "H...

Let's Get Real - Parents Weigh in on Testing

You are not alone! Listen to other Sequoia Grove parents talk about how their families tackle state testing. Why do they even bother? You're sure to gain new ideas and...

Taking the Fear out of Testing

Do you dread state testing? Are you wondering if you should even bother having your kids participate? Listen in and hear why it's critical to our schools AND how it ca...

Season 3 Trailer

Season 3 releases February 1!

A Glimpse Into a Homeschool Journey, Episode 2

Concluding the conversation with Carrie Carlson, reflecting on her family's homeschool journey. Carrie has many insights and tips along the way.

A Glimpse Into a Homeschool Journey, Episode 1

Carrie Carlson, Sequoia Grove TK-8 Program Administrator, shares insights and memories from her family's homeschool journey.

Science Fun with Amy Griffin

Intimidated by science? Do you always leave it for last and there's never time? Amy has great ideas for these problems and motivation for so much more!

The Magic of Music and Theater

Ronni Ernenputsch talks to us about the lifelong benefits that come from experiencing performing arts.

The Stories that Make Art History

Beth Oakes, creator and storyteller from HiGasfy, joins me to talk about learning about art through compelling stories.

The Joy of Reading Aloud

Reading aloud is essential for our children. Listen in and be inspired to build this healthy habit into your homeschool.

Math! Great Ideas with Kelley

HST Kelley Soper shares her long experience with homeschooling and teaching math. Listen in for some great ideas and resources!

Getting Excited About History

Listen in while HST Scott Steffens talks about creative ways to teach fascinating history and inspires us to help our kids think deep thoughts about the past.

The Importance of Current Events

Carl Azuz from CNN10 joins me for a fun conversation to talk about current events and the importance of news-trality.

Planning Your Day

Fellow Family Liaison Beka Heath joins me to talk about how to plan out your homeschool day. Lots of great ideas and advice!

Meet our Executive Director

Jenell Sherman is at the helm of our schools. Go behind the scenes at Sequoia Grove and hear about her heart and vision for our schools. Listen in and learn what it ta...

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