Equipping Families for the Unthinkable

In this  episode, we confront the unsettling reality we face when we hear about yet another shooting incident on the news. The initial shock prompts us to turn off the radio and protect our children from the distressing details. However, beneath the relief that our kids are safe from a school shooting, there lingers a nagging fear. Do our children, and do we ourselves, know how to respond if a similar tragedy unfolds in a local store or restaurant?

Homeschool dad and police sergeant Seth Cimino joins the podcast this week to help banish that fear. Together, we aim to equip you with the knowledge to gently train your kids on how to navigate the unthinkable. Tune in as we explore strategies and insights to ensure your family is prepared to handle the worst-case scenario with resilience and readiness.

Show notes:
FBI "Run, Hide, Fight"
Equipping Families for the Unthinkable
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